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Streamline processes

Save time and let technology do the work for you. When it comes to selecting software for your accommodation business it is hard to make the right choice.
With so many systems on the market and new ones introduced regularly, we can help you to select the solution that will work best for your business, helping you to ease your workload and save time. We understand that introducing new technology can be challenging. To help with this process we will set up all your systems for you and show you and your team how to use them to their full potential.
However, if the technology is not your thing – we can maintain your systems and manage your bookings for you as a service.

Pricing strategies and Yeld management

With accommodation businesses, any room left unsold is lost revenue. Knowing that guests will pay different prices for the same thing, depending on a variety of factors, the hotelier’s prerogative is not to sell the room at all cost but to use the yield and revenue management techniques to make the most of the existing inventory.
We can help you define and apply yield and revenue management techniques to your business. With the right pricing strategies and implemented sales techniques, we’ll help you maximise your revenue and occupancy.

Online distribution

Feeling overwhelmed with the online distribution options?
You know you should advertise your property on booking pages but you’re not sure where to start? Online Travel Agents (OTAs like, AirBnB, Hostelworld etc.) are hundreds and choosing the right ones to partner with is crucial.
Let us help you select the right online distribution channels for your business to attract the right guests. We can set up your OTA accounts, show you how to optimise your listing or manage your reservations for you as a service.

Social media & Reputation management

Which social media platforms are recommended for accommodation businesses? How to use them to reach the desired audience? What are the do’s and don’ts of dealing with guest’s online feedback? We’ve got answers for you: from creating social media accounts on the best platforms for your business to personalised training with the tailor-made social media marketing strategy delivered to your door.

Website revamp

From small website changes to brand new look – we can accommodate your requests to make sure your fresh and modern website is a direct booking magnet. We’ll review and analyse your website performance and reveal our tips and tricks to boost your direct, commission free sales.

Contact us for a free one-on-one health check.